TO ENCOURAGE FARMERS TO INCREASE PRODUCTION DUE TO INCREASE IN DEMAND (empowerment). Our aim is to encourage farmers to improve & increase outputs to meet both local & export demands. The further increase in demands will help farmers increase in their output year in year out, this helps empower youths & farmers in their localities.

Danzem serves as an intermediate to locate a suitable location through soil test, favourable weather, soil texture & ideal location to clients who want to invest in particular cultivation. We have made several negotiations for local investors in Kaduna, plateau & Bauchi respectively. Price & location negotiations are very important in farm investment so as not to be cut up in family dispute. We do all negotiations manage farmland for our esteem clients.

Danzem has developed a good relationship with transport companies & drivers of all kinds of busses, trucks & vehicles which make our delivery prompt & effective to the best of our abilities to area like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt etc.

Danzem is known for its transparency in making sure all parties Involved in any transaction are overwhelmingly satisfied ranging from consulting, negotiations, sourcing, payments & transportation/ delivery. Our goal is transparency.

Danzem ensures all parties in the chain of transaction is giving a satisfactory information in every possible way. This is our strategy to ensure that our client both ways are comfortable in carrying out business with us.

Our consulting also has to do with getting a suitable market for farmers & traders across Nigeria & beyond. Clients need produce & farmers needs their products sold. That is where Danzem comes to play by getting them connected to each other.

Some clients have large products & find it difficult to get it to their destination. We can provide a means to get it across.

I got a good deal on my egg business from Jos plateau state efficiently, thanks to DANZEM SERVICES. It was so fast that I couldn’t believe when I got the call for delivery. A full Load of Sharon van at a short notice was wonderful. I don’t need to travel all the way to Jos anymore. Keep it up DANZEM

Mary Ayok
Mary Ayok